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Britt Prince, Author

Britt Prince

Britt Prince, Author

We have a God-ordained mandate to impact our world with the gospel.

Our goal is to reach the unsaved by having the studies translated and published in as many languages as possible.

Missionaries and local pastors should contact us about translating into specific languages.


Bible Studies Anyone Can Teach

Britt Prince takes complex topics and explains them in a way that everyone can understand these important doctrines of the Bible. 



I set out a few years ago to create a Bible study but then found this one and it covered most of what I hoped to include. Our Bible Study team uses this almost exclusively to teach people salvation. We have completed almost 50 Bible studies this year with most of them being baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost - results!

Darrell Marsh
Evangelism Pastor
The Pentecostals of Titusville, FL

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